My Pregnancy: Week 7

Week 7 of pregnancy: Morning sickness begins and my husband gets the flu for his birthday.

Well this has been quite the week. I’m so nauseous that all I can eat are soup and saltines. All my life I’ve made homemade chicken soup, but now the fat content is turning my stomach. So I’ve been living off packaged soup packs. And lots of water.

Last week I went to the doctor for the first time. They recommended that I get the flu shot. I wasn’t sure how it would affect my baby so I decided not to do it. I haven’t had the flu in years.

Two days after our doctors appointment my husband got the flu. He was so sick with a fever, the shakes, and muscle fatigue. I was obviously worried that I would get sick. I didn’t know at the doctors that having the flu early in pregnancy can damage your growing baby. Still, I did my best to take care of him while he was sick. I even baked him a (very delicious) triple layer chocolate cake with coconut cream chocolate frosting for his birthday.

The day before his birthday I was out doing some shopping. One minute I felt fine. The next, terrible. It was like their was a balloon that was slowly inflating inside my head. My stomach felt sick. By the time I got home I was so weak that it hurt to stand up. The pressure in my inner ears was enormous. “Great”, I thought. “I’ve got the flu”.

The next day, at my husbands urging, I called my nurse practitioner. I explained my symptoms to her, and because my husband had recently had the flu they recommended that we come into the office for an immediate appointment. I should explain that my husband and I are currently staying in Gilroy, CA for his business. For insurance reasons, our doctor is in San Francisco. That meant that as an early birthday present my husband had to make the 2-hour drive to the doctors office, where they discovered that it was not the flu but a head cold.

Illnesses in pregnancy are quite common, especially in early pregnancy, since your immune system is lowered to protect your developing baby. Read: while the head cold will not affect the baby, I am twice as sick. My nose is swollen. My face is swollen. I’m still nauseous and now I feel like I’ve got this pressure in my head.

My head might explode before next week’s entry. At least we get to eat that delicious birthday cake. 🙂

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