MommyCare 101 : First Trimester

You are a mom. Mothers spend a lot of time caring about everyone else’s needs in the home. Our husbands depend on us. Our children depend on us. Today’s mantra is: “Mommy needs care too!” Write it down and stick it on your fridge.

Here is MommyCare 101 for the first trimester. Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, remember to bookmark these “care tips” for yourself during this trimester.

In order to care for your loved ones, you must take care of yourself first.

1.) Drink water. Right now.

Before you read this paragraph, go drink one big glass of water. I’ll be here.

Don’t you feel better? More awake? Your blood volume is slowly doubling throughout pregnancy, increasing each week. This blood has an important job of carrying nutrients to your baby and carrying waste away from them. Super important!

You need to drink over 84 ounces of water every day so your blood can do its job well. If you don’t, you’ll notice yourself getting tired. Dizzy. More nauseous than usual. Experiencing more uncomfortable cramps. During pregnancy, everything is worse without water. Drink up!

2.) Take a nap.

Moms with more than one child are laughing at me right now. I understand…finding the time to take a nap can be hard. Maybe you have no children yet but work full-time. Maybe your toddler keeps smacking you in the face with toys when you close your eyes. Whatever the situation, try to take one nap a day if you can. Even a short cat nap will make you feel much more energized and alert.

If you have more than one child and have no time to yourself to rest, I highly recommend adjusting your children’s nap times until they are all sleeping at the same time once a day. For your sanity. You can put them to bed 10 to 15 minutes earlier or later each day until you have at least 40 minutes a day to yourself. Use that time to sleep.

3.) Eat what you’re craving.

Your body craves strange things during the first trimester. Unless you’re eating non-food items (a condition called pica) you want to follow those cravings. Salty food is good for your blood. Fatty food is great for baby’s brain. During my second pregnancy all I craved for the first few weeks was pizza. I balanced that out with drinking fresh squeezed vegetable juice every day most days but I stuck to my cravings.

Your body is telling you what it needs. Listen to it.

4.) Epsom salt baths.

OMG. This one is a lifesaver. When you’re tired and your muscles are sore just from moving (and growing a baby) use what time you have to draw a bath. Pour in slots of epsom salts. Don’t be stingy. Even a 20 minute bath in concentrated epsom salts will soothe most aches and pains. Some women also bruise easily due to anemia during pregnancy. While veggie juice, steak or iron supplements are the longterm solution to anemia, epsom salts will make bruises less visible.

5.) Lower your expectations.

Not everyone can be supermom ALL the time. The first trimester is a time of big hormonal shifts. These can be accompanied by extreme fatigue, nausea, cramps – just to name a few. Maybe the house isn’t as clean as usual. Give yourself permission to let those dishes sit in the sink after dinner and do them in the morning when you’re feeling up to it. Ask for help from others and lose the mindset that everything has to be perfect, clean and organized.

The takeaway?

You are growing a baby. No matter how many times you’ve been pregnant, it’s always an important job. It always takes a lot out of you.

Be kind to yourself and remember our mantra: “Mommy needs care too!”

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