Movement Maze

Every person should regularly play with mazes. They boost fine and gross motor skills. They require memory, focus and problem-solving skills to complete. Mazes boost many personality traits including determination and emotional regulation. They are all a lot of fun to do! Work your child’s body and brain with this problem-solving movement maze!

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Fireworks In A Jar

This is a super fun science experiment that’s perfect for Independence Day!

Create your own mini fireworks display with your child using water, oil and food coloring. Watch your child be amazed by their own fireworks. Teach them about liquid density in the process!

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Shaving Cream Paint

Let your little artists unleash their creativity in the tub with this washable, mess-free shaving cream paint! You can make this paint in less than 2 minutes. We use shaving cream paint in every single bath we take now. At the end of the bath it just washes right down the drain.

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