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 Our Mission Statement

I created “Prenatal to Cradle” as a resource for women like myself, written by a mother for mothers, to find information about health before conception, prenatal nutrition, and how to raise happy and healthy babies and toddlers without sacrificing our own mental and physical well being in the process.

Prenatal to Cradle was created to support the health of moms and moms-to-be. Moms of any age have a large, and often underappreciated, responsibility when it comes to creating new life. The process of creating a child takes energy and nutrients directly from a mother’s body and she has to not only sustain her own health in ways she might never have before, but now additionally the health of her developing child. Emotionally this can be a daunting process for any mother, especially if this is her first child – it plunges her into the unknown, thrusts new responsibilities to care for a new life onto her shoulders and changes the woman she once was into the mom she will now become.

When my husband and I were trying to conceive our first child I wanted to provide the healthiest environment possible for both myself and my developing baby. When I began to research motherhood and prenatal health the majority of what I read was fragmented, inconsistent  information. I couldn’t get a clear picture of how to prepare my body for growing a child.

I just wanted one website to go to where I could receive clear, concise information that I needed for my prenatal health, but it didn’t exist. My husband, who has operated his own business for 15 years, suggested that I create a resource to support women from the moment they are trying to conceive up until their children reach their toddler years. That was when “Prenatal to Cradle” was born.

Each child a mother has is special and unique. From conception to birth each experience will present its own unique challenges and opportunities. I’m here to guide you through those moments, to support the health of your pregnancy and to walk with you on your amazing and unique journey as a healthy, happy mom. We’re blessed to have you in our community.