10 Signs You Might Be Pregnant Before You Take The Test

Can’t wait to see whether this month will be THE MONTH?

I completely empathize. When my husband and I were trying to conceive it seemed like everything that was even slightly out of the ordinary was a sign from Heaven of positive pregnancy tests in my future. That few minutes of nausea at the grocery store? Definitely pregnant. Sore breasts? Must be pregnant. Persistent fatigue that left me exhausted all of the time? You get the picture.

What a vicious cycle…

These symptoms could have been signs that I was pregnant – or they could just be premenstrual symptoms (since in a cruel twist of fate MANY early pregnancy symptoms mimic & occur around the same time as PMS). However, their are a few very good signs that might indicate the possibility of a little one in your future before taking a successful pregnancy test. I have them listed below:

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1. Sore Breasts (Do The Girls Seem a Bit Bigger?)

Sore breasts are one of those symptoms that are often confused with PMS. That’s because progesterone increases in your body both before Aunt Flo comes to visit and after successful fertilization of an egg. One way to tell the two apart is to pay attention to your areolas – before pregnancy the areola (often but not always) gets darker in color. Make sure to wear your most supportive sports bra to give your back a rest.

2. Cramps

Ouch! This is one symptom that I wasn’t expecting so soon after conception. From the get-go cramps hit me with full force during the few days before I found out I was pregnant. Abdominal cramps are different for every woman and not everyone will experience them early in pregnancy. When accompanied by spotting this is actually one of the best signs that you could be pregnant – it signals that implantation has most likely occurred. Remember that ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin are harmful to your baby. These should not be taken while trying to conceive. I personally love a warm compress and some arnica gel as a holistic alternative to painkillers. I use Arnicare arnica gel regularly for my back, stomach and pelvic cramps. It’s amazing for fast relief.

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3. Excessive Fatigue

Fatigue was the worst first trimester symptom for me – there is no contest. My alarm would go off in the morning and I just couldn’t get up. For the first time in years I was taking mid-day naps. Excessive fatigue is a common response to hormone changes in your body. The best thing that you can do for yourself during this time to give in and take rest breaks or naps as often as possible – trust me, these next nine months might be one of the last chances you have to take a nap for a very long time. Take advantage of it.

4. Nausea

Queasiness is usually a pretty good indicator that something in your body is changing. Most women don’t experience vomiting and morning sickness until the first few weeks after a missed period but nausea and heartburn are not uncommon. The three weeks after ovulation I found it difficult to go grocery shopping with my husband because I would get too nauseous.

5. Spotting

Most women see spotting around 2-3 weeks after ovulation (depending on the length of your cycle) and they mistakenly think that their period has arrived early. Not so! Spotting is actually one of the most reliable early signs of pregnancy. Most spotting is dark brown, as opposed to deep red, and happens when capillaries burst during the implantation of the embryo.

6. Bloating & Puffiness

Bloating is a very common premenstrual symptom but it can also be a good indicator that you’ve got a bun in the oven. This is caused by – you guessed it – hormones, specifically progesterone. Swelling and puffiness will dissipate shortly after your period starts but should you miss your cycle bloating is a great sign to crack open that pregnancy test. I found that drinking the recommended amount of water (96 ounces a day) and avoiding too much salt in my diet really helped to keep the swelling at bay during those first few weeks.

7. More Bathroom Breaks

If you find yourself rushing off to the bathroom at work or frequently waking up in the middle of the might to pee (so annoying) then you could very well be pregnant. Your kidneys need to process water out of your system with increased efficiency during the early stages of pregnancy. That means more trips to the bathroom for you. Drinking less water is not an effective solution to this problem. Your body is doing what it needs to do to create a good environment for your developing baby. Do your part by staying optimally hydrated. Juicing fruits and vegetables is a great way to get the most nutrition and hydration to your body (and your baby).

8. Mood Swings

Oh dear. I have been guilty of this throughout my pregnancy (especially since I had an anxious personality before trying to conceive). Have you been freaking out at your dear husband more than usual lately? Are you depressed, anxious, moody or unusually tearful? Take comfort in knowing that you might be pregnant, and that these are completely normal reactions. Your body is producing more of the pregnancy hormone (HCG) every few days after conception. When you combine hormones will all of the other pregnancy symptoms it’s easy to have a big blow-out with your loved ones over the most petty problems. As I said before I suffer from anxiety regularly. Try oatstraw tea for soothing your nervous system in a safe, baby-friendly way.  It’s extremely calming.

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9. Super-Sonic Smell

Have you noticed that your husband smells more after working outside or even when he lays next to you in bed? Does the garbage disposal turn your stomach in ways it never has before? Congratulations, you’ve just gained a new superpower – super smell. Women possibly evolved a sensitivity to certain smells during pregnancy as a way to avoid dangerous plants or situations. From personal experience I can tell you it’s one of the more annoying pregnancy symptoms. I’ve actually walked around our house complaining about a mysterious garbage odor that only I could smell only to discover that it was from our neighbors dumpster outside – I had zero control over how much it reeked.

On the flip side, a pot of freshly make chicken noodle soup will never have smelled so tasty.

10. Late Periods

A missed period is one of the more definitive signs of pregnancy but it’s only a good indicator if you know the average length of your cycle and how regular your periods tend to be. That’s why it’s important to track your period. Mark the moment of ovulation as well as other symptoms (PMS or otherwise) you tend to experience for at least 3 months before trying to conceive. By tracking the length of your period you can guesstimate ovulation, conception and implantation. Even early-response pregnancy tests are shown to be most effective when taken after the date of your missed period.

Remember – paying attention to your body for these signs is a good way to indicate whether or not you’re pregnant but until you take the test or make an appointment with your OBGYN it’s nothing more than a guess. If you suspect that you might be pregnant and you’ve missed your period don’t wait. Schedule an appointment with your doctor or take a pregnancy test. Don’t stress out to much if you get a negative result on your test stick – just breathe and test again next week just to be sure.

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