My Pregnancy: Week 8

Week 8 of pregnancy: We battle our illnesses just in time for Thanksgiving. I get my baby belly!

Oh my goodness. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It has been one sick week in our house.

The head cold is still going strong. For the first half of the week I could barely sleep. Mostly because I can’t breathe through my nose and my throat is stuffed up. That’s one of the “fun” things about getting sick when you’re pregnant. Cough syrups, Sudafed, anything with strong medicine in it are off-limits because these drugs pose a risk to your baby.

Instead I’ve been using some old-fashioned remedies to try and get rid of this cold. My wonderful husband (who’s feeling much better now) bought me a steam inhaler called MyPurMist. It is fantastic and self-cleaning, which takes some of the pressure off me to keep it clean. I’ve also been using a Neti-Pot as a natural saline rinse to clear the stuff out of my head. Not to get into too much detail….there’s a lot of nasty stuff I want out of my sinuses. I’ve also been using some Breathe-Right strips, and that actually started to help me breathe as the week progressed.

I’m kind of surprised because this is my first pregnancy and my baby belly is already starting to show! Granted it’s very small, but I’m so excited to see it. I am excited to be a mother but the reality that there is a baby inside me hadn’t really sunk in until my belly appeared. I feel a little bit closer to my unborn child. Though honestly this baby and I are not very close yet, unless you count the pregnancy symptoms I’ve been going through. I’m sure that will change as time goes on.

Thank goodness I started feeling a little better towards the middle of the week. My husband and I had planned to go to my Aunt’s house a few days before Thanksgiving and I was really worried that this illness would stop me from being able to travel. I think a few days on a ranch were just what we needed to relax this week. We wrapped up our stay with some delicious, home-cooked meals. Of course I overate. After 3 pieces of pie I was ready to be sick. But for the loving company of family and friends, it was definitely worth it. I even got to ride a horse (slowly, in a circle)! I know that’s not very safe to do while pregnant but sue me – a pregnant woman has to have fun sometimes during the first trimester.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving for 2016. I personally can’t wait for Christmas. What did you ladies do for Thanksgiving?

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