My Pregnancy: Week 9

Week 9 of pregnancy: I buy the comfiest maternity bra ever and get a craving for doughnuts.

Well ladies! I’ve made it to the start of the third month of pregnancy. I think this is going to be the month where that “little cherry” and I really start to bond. My husband and I headed back to Gilroy today. We’re only going to be here for a few days though because our RV needs to get some work done to it. My father just happens to be out of town on business at that time, so we’ll be house-sitting/dog-sitting in San Francisco for a few weeks.

I have always preferred the natural landscape of our beautiful country to the highly-industrialized cities. When my husband and I spent our honeymoon in Alaska the raw beauty of nature was a beautiful and intense experience. After seeing a wildfire up close and one of the tallest mountains in the country, after seeing an osprey dive for fish right across the river from us, after seeing the local fisherman in Valdez go out for their daily catch San Francisco just doesn’t seem as impressive anymore. Obviously that’s my own preference.  At least there are good restaurants in a big city.

I spent the beginning of the week sneezing blood, so obviously I’m not fully healed. My congestion is gone though and I do believe I’m on the mend. I’ve also been having the strangest cravings. Kiwis by the bucket-load. Hummus and pickles. I can’t stand the smell or taste of steak but I can’t get enough lamb. It’s all very bizarre.

My biggest and most surprising craving has been for doughnuts. There’s a doughnut shop right near our location. I never really enjoyed carbs before pregnancy. I mean, I loved cake but we only ate that on holidays. Pregnancy has really brought out a love of carbs in me that I wasn’t aware existed. There’s something about sugar, bread, and chocolate (sometimes pastry cream or jam) that helps to make pregnant women feel better. Though if we’re being honest doughnuts probably make everyone feel great, at least temporarily.

I also found myself expanding this week. It could be the doughnuts, but the scale in the house isn’t showing any weight gain so I’ll chock it up to the pregnancy instead. I had to head down to this maternity store, The Nest, to purchase some new maternity bras (and a few dresses – you can’t rock sweat pants every day). The very nice gentleman in the store had me try on a “Bravado” silk seamless bra in the lilac color. Not only is this bra super cute but it is a godsend for sore boobs. Mine went from extremely sore in a sports bra to being “cushioned by clouds” when I tried this on. This is not just a maternity bra. It’s like a super-hero. It can transform into a nursing bra AND a regular, pre-pregnancy bra once your pregnancy is over. I would highly recommend them for any pregnant/nursing woman out there.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat some doughnuts. What kind of pregnancy cravings have you been having? Doughnuts? Pickles? Let me know in the comments below!

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