My Pregnancy: Week 10

Week 10 of pregnancy: We see our baby for the first time (so emotional) and pregnancy brain hits hard.

This week was a big week for my husband and I. We got to see the first informal ultrasound of our baby! It was so….surreal to see this little inch-long baby inside me, kicking and waving its arms. I really felt like the baby was – more “real” somehow after seeing it move around. What a very special moment that turned out to be. It was such a little gymnast too! I never though something so small could do so many crunches and twists in a few minutes. I have to confess – I cried a little bit. Just a little.

Maybe those tears were more than just excitement. This week my nausea and heartburn are almost gone. They’ve been replaced by anxiety and depression. It felt really strange for me to be anxious and sad right before we got the ultrasound. I’m not sure if any other mothers have experienced those feelings at such a happy time. I’m focusing on not taking it irrationally personally – that my fears and doubts somehow make me a “bad mother-to-be”.  These are probably normal hormonal shifts for the first trimester. Hopefully this anxiety during pregnancy won’t predispose me to the postpartum blues.

On the plus side reduced nausea means I’m finally able to eat a more balanced diet. Steak still makes me want to vomit so I’ve been buying more lamb and chicken for curries. Greens are back on the menu for the first time since week 3. I’m hoping that a more balanced diet will help stabilize my mood swings and anxiety since they have so many vitamins in them.

Pregnancy brain is also in full swing. My close family and friends would tell you that I get spaced out from time to time. Pregnancy brain is an entirely new level of mentally checking out. No surprise that it’s caused by our two “favorite” friends: progesterone and estrogen. In one week I melted my father’s plastic cutting board and broke his nice marble pastry board. Plus side – at least now I know what his Christmas present will be.

Well, it’s already time to pack up our stuff and get ready to move back into the RV. It will be nice to be home again. Check out our little baby below! It’s very tiny. The head is on the right side of the photo.

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