My Pregnancy: Week 12

Week 12 of pregnancy: My weight continues to rise, I go to the dentist and we create our baby registry on Amazon. I also create a new juicing recipe called Kale-Aid!

This week has been such a blessing for myself (and probably for my husband as well). My anxiety and nausea have finally gone away! They’ve been replaced by headaches and heartburn. I consider that a fair trade to be rid of this anxiety, even for a week or two.

Less nausea gives me the opportunity to incorporate more greens and veggies into our diet. I’m sure the baby will appreciate eating something other than carbs. I found a bunch of kale in our fridge a few days ago and decided to get creative with my juicer. After 40 minutes of experimentation Kale-Aid was born (think honey-lemonade with a kale twist)! It was so refreshing and delicious. I’ll link the recipe at the end of this post.

I’m still really exhausted most of the time – less than before but enough to feel useless. I have to constantly remind myself (with lots of helpful reminders from my husband) that growing a baby is probably one of the more useful things for the human race. If I feel a little slow or fall asleep sitting up, that’s ok. My baby is very active and getting smarter every day.

The scale has crept up to 108 lbs. So I’ve already gained around 4 to 5 lbs during my pregnancy. I’m surprised that women are “supposed” to gain an average of 5 lbs during the first trimester. It’s entirely possible that I won’t gain any more weight between now and week 14 but 5 lbs seems like such a conservative amount of weight to put on during this first stage of pregnancy.

I want to keep my mind off of weight-gain worries though so I’ve decided to use this nausea-free time to begin preparing for the second trimester and beyond. This week I started a meal plan for frozen foods that I can cook now for after labor begins. I’m going to elaborate on recipes in the second trimester section of this website. Some meals I’ve considered are crustless mini quiches, BBQ beef and frozen pot pie filling with shells. The goal is to have the freezer full by the time I give birth.

Towards the end of the week Joe and I went to get our teeth checked out at the dentist. Taking good care of your teeth is always SO important during pregnancy. Now I brush my teeth twice a day. I floss every night before I brush. Two to three times a week I rinse with Listerine! The dentist has always made me nervous and I’ve never had cavities (but I’ve heard they’re unpleasant). I’ve always believed that prevention will make dentist visits as painless as possible.

This dentist visit was excruciating! I remember hearing from friends how your gums get pretty sensitive during pregnancy. That is an understatement. My gums were bleeding everywhere. The dental assistant said that gum swelling and bleeding is a normal side affect of pregnancy. Part of me still wonders if she wasn’t intentionally trying to pulverize my gums with that pick of hers. It freaked me out. Thank goodness I’m off the hook for 6 more months.

We’re nearing the end of the first trimester! Some aches, pelvic pains and a few headaches. Bleeding gums. Pretty standard stuff. The icing on the cake was when Joe and I sat down to plan out our Amazon Baby Registry – only to realize that we live in an RV and space is limited (bassinets are huge! Why are they so wide?!) Even the brands made specifically for small living spaces were sometimes 3″ wider than the space we have available to us.

It’s important to Joe and I that our baby sleep in our room when they first come home from the hospital. We finally found a ugly functional bassinet that fits in the space next to our bed. I’m sure once we’re exhausted form sleep deprivation with a newborn in the house we wont care that the bassinet doesn’t match the rest of the nursery.

It’s also been difficult to stick with gender-neutral items for the nursery. It’s too early to tell if the baby is a boy or a girl (though the last ultrasound technician was pretty sure it’s a girl). I’ve been trying to stick with red,white and yellow for the nursery colors.

Bright side: At least I don’t have to paint the walls of the RV!

One of the biggest challenges we faced with our nursery was making the small space work for us. Fill me in! What challenges did you have to overcome while planning your nursery/registry? Let me know in the comments section below!

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