My Pregnancy: Week 14

Week 14 of pregnancy: The second trimester begins, we move to our new home and I lose the ability to twist my body.

Finally I have the energy to move around and get things done! I’m not quite as energetic as I was pre-pregnancy but I have so few nasty pregnancy symptoms that I feel fantastic right now.

It’s been a very busy week. My little baby and I were very energized (side note: the baby’s also been busy growing peach fuzz all over its body to stay warm) while I prepared for my birthday and our new move up the California coast. It was an uneventful, super long, slightly bumpy drive but we made it to our new home in the Lost Coast.

What a wonderful place to celebrate my birthday. My husband took me out for a pregnancy-friendly seafood dinner (even though he’s allergic to shellfish) and bought me a surprise birthday cake! Mmmm…..raspberry and dark chocolate. It was delicious. The baby LOVED it.

Despite all of these fun things I’ve also been pretty nervous. My symptoms are decreasing but I still have body aches throughout my pelvis and back. It’s unsettling to be young and experience this much pain. Thankfully my husband understands body movement. His lessons help keep the worst pain at bay.

My weight has been increasing at a steady rate of 1lb per week. I really feel like my entire body is being hijacked by this baby. It is. My abilities, what I’m physically and mentally capable of, my priorities – even my shape – it’s all being affected by this baby that’s no bigger than a peach!

What have I gotten myself into? This wonderful, frightening journey called motherhood. Its as if my entire being is saying, “welcome to the second trimester – you’ve still got a long way to go”.

Motherhood is a unique and tumultuous experience for many women. Was there anything truly memorable about your transition from the first to the second trimester? Share with us in the comments below.

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