My Pregnancy: Week 15

Week 15 of pregnancy: I get a nasty bout of food poisoning, try to find the source of constant headaches and the growing pains of pregnancy continue.

Before I became pregnant I understood that my stomach was going to stretch. I just could never have visualized how much it would stretch during the first 15 weeks. Obviously my baby needs a home to grow in but does it really need to be this big? I can’t see my hips anymore!

My stomach is round but very tight at the same time, like the top of a drum. So when it has to expand even further I really feel it. In my back. In my stomach. In my pelvis. It’s a strange sensation – like my muscles are separating and rearranging themselves without my input. I can’t feel the baby kicking yet but I’m sure that will add a whole new layer of amazing to this entire process of growing a baby.

It’s amazing what the female body can accomplish. And the 40 weeks of pregnancy, though sometimes painful, are just that…amazing. I still feel like “me” but to a certain extent I also feel like I’m changing into a different version of myself. Just 15 weeks into this experience and my priorities, my hormones, my body and my responsibilities are all shifting in ways that I could never have predicted without experiencing pregnancy firsthand.

Often I have trouble adjusting to those shifts in my personality.

My acne is much worse and its taking a toll on my vanity. It’s hard for me to admit that I’m this preoccupied with my appearance. I never knew how much I identified with being thin and having clear skin. It gave me a lot of confidence to look in the mirror and see that I had…I don’t know….taken such great care of myself. Now, when I see myself getting rounder and my face all covered in zits – that’s a blow to my confidence. I know that other mothers struggle with these issues. When I find myself getting disenchanted with my appearance I try to remember that:

(1) This will not last forever. It’s a response to the physical and hormonal demands of growing a  baby and,

(2) I am growing a baby! How miraculous is that?!

So when mothers out there struggling with these huge changes read this, please take away from this post that you are doing something amazing. Remind yourself of it everyday. Post it on your bedroom mirror – “I am a woman and I am amazing. I am growing my baby right now and they are going to be amazing. I am proud of who I am and what I’m trying to accomplish”. Because we are strong for going through this and we should never forget that.

In other news, I had a horrible bout of food poisoning at the beginning of this week. Terrible. I fainted twice (thankfully I landed on my back) and had trouble keeping any food or water down for an entire day.

Remember pregnant mommas – If you are sick you should go to the doctor immediately if you can’t keep liquids down for 36 hours or if your body temperature rises over 101.5. I discuss this in more detail in my post on illness during pregnancy but either of these circumstances puts your baby at risk. Thankfully my fever didn’t climb above 101 and I recovered quickly.

After the food poisoning I began to have these crippling headaches. They seemed to strike at random. I thought they might have come from dehydration (from the food poisoning) but by the middle of the week I was drinking 18 glasses of water everyday – with a pinch of salt and some lemon for electrolytes.

Turns out that Miralax was the answer to my headaches. And my bout of food poisoning was partially to blame. Not to get to personal ladies but irregularity is a BIG ISSUE during pregnancy. When I couldn’t eat or drink for a day it threw my entire system off. Once I started taking Miralax (which I take once a week now) my headaches disappeared.

What changes have you had to adjust to during pregnancy? Share with me in the comments below.

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