Kale-Aid! Nausea Buster & Hydration Hero

Are you looking for a drink that’s nutritious and delicious? Look no further. Kale-Aid is perfect for morning sickness relief. It’s packed with iron, calcium , vitamin K, manganese and vitamin C.  The icing on the cake is that Kale-Aid is also one of the tastiest juice blends I have ever made!

Thanks to hormones proper nutrition in the first trimester can be difficult. Certain smells might make you nauseous. Eating anything with flavor or fat could send you running to the toilet. In extreme cases even drinking water can – you guessed it – cause you to “toss your cookies”.

The most important tip I can give you for nausea during pregnancy is this: don’t fight your senses.

Pregnancy changes our sense of taste and smell. If you loved salad or steak pre-pregnancy but can’t stomach even the sight of them during your first trimester – don’t. Forcing yourself to eat something that is deeply unappetizing to you will only make you feel more ill. Your baby will survive even if you only eat crackers throughout the worst of morning sickness.

Here’s the challenge: how can you give you baby all the nutrition it needs on a diet of crackers?

You have to supplement your nutrition in a way that soothes your stomach. Juicing is an easy way to get the nutrition your body needs in a hydrating beverage.

I made Kale-Aid to be very soothing and light. It was a hot day and I was craving lemonade. I usually make my lemonade tart because I don’t want to drink a bunch of refined sugars. How could I still enjoy a tart lemonade without causing heartburn and the queasies?

In true mad scientist fashion I sat down with my Samson Gear Juicer and began experimenting with different flavors. Forty minutes later I had the perfect recipe. The solution was a balance of ingredients. Lemon for nausea, honeydew for heartburn and kale for a powerhouse of vitamins. I swear that this drink kept me hydrated and functioning for most of the first trimester. Follow the easy recipe below for relief from morning sickness and a tasty spring treat!

P.S – It tastes great with crackers 🙂


– 4 Kale Leaves, destemmed

– 1 to 2 Lemons*, peeled

– 1 wedge Honeydew

– 2 Cucumbers

– 2 tablespoons raw, unpasteurized Honey

Method: Juice all ingredients except honey. Dissolve honey in 1 tablespoon boiling water and mix into juice. Dilute with 12 to 16 ounces water. Serve over ice with a slice of lemon.

*Notes: For a sweeter treat use meyer lemons instead of regular lemons.

What nausea remedies have helped you during the first trimester? Let me know in the comments below.

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