How Plants Drink Water

This cheerful science experiment helps young children see how plants get absorb water to grow big and strong!

Toddlers learn visually, by observing and experimenting with concepts. This is a great lesson to show how plants get their nutrients from water. It’s fun, colorful and easy to do.

You’ll need:

  • 3 small jars
  • 3 colors of food dye
  • 3 celery stalks from the center of the celery bundle
  • some paper for your observations

Begin by filling the three jars with plain water. Drop a few drops of colored food dye into the water. In my experience the blue color showed up the best in the experiment, so if you can only use one color choose that one.

Let your toddler mix the food dye into the water. Carefully take a knife and slice a 1/2 an inch off of the base of each celery stalk. Put one stalk in each bottle of colored water. If your toddler is old enough, have them make a prediction of what they think will happen with the celery.

The plants will show a change after one hour. They will be completely finished after 36 hours.

Have fun with this easy and engaging science experiment! Sometimes we only have an hour a day to expand the minds of our children, especially during busy times like these when parents might be extra stressed out. This is so easy to set up and your toddler will love seeing the changing colors of the plant leaves.

Join in the discussion in the comments section below once you’ve tried it yourself!

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