Nurture Your Children

So many things compete for our attention everyday. It’s easy to miss the moments of wonder that surround our children. We make our children’s lives more special by experiencing their day alongside them. To be present in their lives we must slow down and see the world from the perspective of a child.

Everything is new to your children. Their young minds love to explore, play and discover unusual things about the world and how it works. This process can be messy. If you let it unfold it can also transform your child’s life into a success story. It will make them more confident. More competent. Your active, engaged participation in their childhood will fill them with happiness and allow them to live their lives to the fullest.

It starts by slowing down. Really pay attention when your child talks to you, especially if they don’t know how to communicate clearly yet. They are speaking to you. You can help your child feel accepted, loved and valued if you take their self-expression and communication seriously.

Do this, and your children will let you into their world. You will begin to see all sorts of new, fun adventures unfold before your eyes. You can help add to the excitement by bringing wonder into your child’s life. Help them see the world in new ways. Bring a magnifying glass on your next walk. What new and fascinating things can they discover, looking at the world up close? Have them close their eyes and just focus on the sounds that they hear around them. Nurture their imagination.

Use every opportunity you can to help your child experience new things. New textures. New tastes. New sounds and smells. New ideas. When your child wants to do something new say “yes” as often as you can without putting them in harms way. Be right there beside them, guiding them along.

You will make many memories to treasure along the way.

How do you fill your child’s days with wonder? Let me know in the comments section below!

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