Sense of Taste: Second of the Five Senses

This is the second lesson plan in my group of lessons on the five senses. We will be focusing on the sense of taste. We want to help our children explore different tastes using their tastebuds.

Prepare for the lesson by preparing one sweet, on sour and one spicy food for your children to enjoy. I used chopped apple, homemade sauerkraut and fresh arugula from the garden with my kids. You will also need a mirror, or your phone camera, to examine your tastebuds together.

Begin the lesson by offering a bit of each food to your children, one at a time. After they taste each one help them to describe the taste.

Take out your mirror or phone camera and show your tastebuds to the children. Let them examine their own tastebuds. Explain to them how tastebuds help us recognize different tastes like sweet, spicy and sour.

Clean up and prepare for today’s activities: science, math grouping and imaginative play.

Science ~

Find two items that look the same but taste different. Some examples are salt and sugar, water and vinegar, sugar and baking soda. Place a small bit of each in its own container. Let your children look at each one and help them form their own hypothesis. Ex: If I taste both of these, then they will taste the same.

Have the children taste each one. Was their hypothesis right? Let them describe their experience. How are the two items the same? How are they not the same?

Math Grouping ~

Using either play or real food gather examples of dairy, vegetables, fruit and meat in one container. Have your children group the items by the four categories.

Grouping is an important foundation for mathematics.

Imaginative Play ~

Using play food or real food have your children “cook” you a meal. Deepen the lesson by asking them to describe their dish. Is it sweet, sour or spicy?

That’s it! This lesson will help children learn that they can feel and touch objects with their hands. It will also make them more familiar with their sense of touch.

Please share your thoughts on this lesson in the comments below. How would you modify it for your child?

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