Letter of the Week: “H” Heart Craft

This week in preschool we’re covering the letter “H”. We’ll be reading books to our children about the letter “H” and covering this letter all week! I also have a craft that centers around the letter “H”.

Start out the week by setting up your blackboard or whiteboard space for the letter “H”. If you don’t have a large writing surface on hand make your own using some markers and a large piece of construction paper.

You can see in the picture above I’ve colored in the letter “H” so it stands out. Surround the letter with pictures that begin with the letter “H”. Keep this writing surface close by as you do school throughout the week so your toddler can name the pictures out loud.

Reinforce the letter “H” by reading some alphabet books with your toddler. Since each book brings something different to a toddler’s understanding of the alphabet, I like to read different books throughout the week. At our house we start the week with Dr. Seauss’s ABC Book. It has fun, nonsensical rhymes for each letter. Toward the middle of the week we move to Animalia by Graeme Base. Your toddler can play a fun game of seek and find with each letter. We like to end the week with Usborne’s Illustrated Alphabet, which tells the story of the animals at Alphabet Zoo.

Spend the week going through your house with your toddler, looking for things that begin with the letter “H”. I’ve also created a heart craft for you both.

Let’s begin! You’ll need:

  • A variety of paper pieces, tissue paper pieces, buttons, foam shapes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, etc
  • Glue sticks
  • 2 sheets of white paper
  • scissors (safety scissors if your child is old enough to use them)
  • paint, crayons or paint sticks

Take the two sheets of white paper in your hand and line them up. Cut out a large heart shape. If your child is old enough to use safety scissors, draw a heart shape in highlighter on each piece of paper and have your child cut them out.

Lay out your glue sticks and craft supplies. Allow your toddler to decorate their heart. When they are done, bring out the paint and crayons and let them add the finishing touches to their design.

How did your family discover the letter “H”? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Thanks for reading!

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