Paper Chain Craft

Shape recognition, grouping and color sorting are the foundations of mathematics. By making a simple paper chain craft with our children we can help our children develop their math skills and hand-eye coordination while allowing them to exercise their creativity.

This week in homeschool preschool we’re looking at circles! The circle is an easy shape for children to learn at a young age. We’ve been learning how to make circles with our hands and how to draw circles with chalk. We’ve also been going around the house looking for circles in our everyday life. You can do this with any shape! The circle is a good one to teach first.

Even though making a paper chain is an easy craft for a young child it teaches a complex skill: manipulating one shape to form another. Your child takes a strip of paper and makes a circle out of it. These circles are strung together to form a chain.

Let’s begin! You’ll need:

  • Several sheets of construction paper in different colors. You can substitute wrapping paper as well.
  • Scotch tape
  • Safety scissors

Begin by showing your child the colored paper. Tell them your going to make something out of paper. Ask them which color they would like to use first.

Show your child how to fold your construction paper against the edge of the table to create a crease. Slowly tear a strip of paper on the crease. Bend the strip of paper into a circle. Tape it closed.

Have your child repeat this process with a different colored paper. Loop that strip of paper through the first circle and tape closed. This is how you make a paper chain.

Once your child has the hang of this, make another crease in another color of paper. Help your child use the safety scissors to cut a strip of paper rather than tearing the paper with their hands. Continue until your chain is long enough. Decorate the room with your new paper chain!

How long was your paper chain? Let me know in the comments section below!

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