Make a Safer, Better, All-Natural Cleaning Spray at Home

Hypochlorous acid is the only chemical you need in your home. What if I told you to throw out all your cleaners, mold and scum removers, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, hydrogen peroxide and vegetable wash? It can all be replaced with hypochlorous acid.

Let’s abbreviate! HOCl is a wonderful solution. It does not oxidize surfaces. It does not damage skin. It doesn’t even sting or smell. It’s non toxic! It is a more effective cleaner and sanitizer than bleach. It is a better wound cleaner than hydrogen peroxide. It is a better vegetable wash than citrus. Your body produces this weak acid naturally in it’s white blood cells. It’s highly effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

If HOCl is so awesome, why isn’t it available is the cleaning section of the store? Simple. HOCl loses it’s potency by 30% every week. In short: If I make a cleaning solution of HOCl at home, it will be at 100% strength on Day 1. This is a good strength for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. By Day 7, this solution is now at 70% strength. At this lower concentration, I can use it to clean my vegetables. By Day 14 I need to make a new batch of cleaner.

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There are many products that make HOCl in your home. The best one I have found is the EcoloxTech Electrolyzed Water System, which makes a weeks worth of cleaner in 8 minutes. Here’s how to do it:

1.) Fill your EcoloxTech System with 1 liter of water.

2.) Add 2g non-iodized table salt.

3.) Add 1 tsp distilled vinegar.

  • For veggie wash, push power button 2x. (3 minute run time)
  • For cleaner and sanitizer to use on hands, counters, tiles, sealed wood, windows, toilets, to clean pink bacteria out of humidifiers, to clean black mold out of bathrooms and surfaces, push power button 3 times. (8 minute run time)
  • For wound care agent to clean and disinfect sores and open wounds (similar to hydrogen peroxide) push power button 3x. Wait 8 minutes for cycle to finish. Push power button 3x. Wait additional 8 minutes. (16 minute run time)

This specific EcoloxTech product also comes with food grade potassium carbonate. Substituting the table salt for 2g of potassium carbonate will produce a very effective, non-toxic degreaser that produces zero fumes. I have personally used this to clean my stove and oven to a bright shine in minutes.

You have to buy this machine off of their website. The knockoffs I tried on Amazon were subpar.

Now this machine initially seemed pricy to me at $299.99. I calculated how much I spent on: vegetable wash, bleach, counter cleaner, fridge cleaner, floor cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, shower cleaner, window cleaner, degreaser for the stove and degreaser for the oven every year and saw that the monetary savings of buying this once was pretty huge for my family.

It also saves me time and space. I have used this cleaner all over the house in place of my gentle home cleaners (like Mrs. Meyers). It doesn’t hurt my eyes or dry out my hands. It cleans so quickly. It’s streak-free! I no longer have to worry about filling the house with vinegar fumes when I clean all our humidifiers (yes I’ve done this to my family before)!

Give it a try! I really think giving homeowners appliances that allow them to make safe, non-toxic cleaners at home like HOCl is the future of cleaners across America. Throw away all those other bottles and make your own HOCl today!

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