Movement Maze

Work your child’s body and brain with this problem-solving movement maze!

Every person should regularly play with mazes. They boost fine and gross motor skills. They require memory, focus and problem-solving skills to complete. Mazes boost many personality traits including determination and emotional regulation. They are all a lot of fun to do!

At some level every maze requires movement. Without movement there is no learning. It stimulates neural activity inside our brains and helps us learn faster, in a more efficient way. When you see the opportunity incorporate movement into your child’s education, do it. Every time.

A maze done on a worksheet is nice and fine because it helps us learn all the many skills above. This craft takes that maze and puts it outside, in a large scale. One that your child will have to physically navigate. Using sidewalk paint and a toy car you can create the learning experience of your child’s dreams.

Let’s begin! You’ll need:

  • sidewalk paint/paintbrush (or) chalk
  • paved road or deck (driveway, sidewalk, garage, deck, etc)
  • A toy car
  • a wet cloth

Go outside to a large flat area and paint out your maze using a large, wide paintbrush and some washable paint. I used a bottle of blue Crayola sidewalk paint that I had lying around. You could also use chalk.

I began by drawing out a maze that I found on Google images. I brought my toddler and her toy car outside. Briefly, I explained where she started and where she ended the maze. She had to stay on the “grey part” and could not cross any blue lines.

She finished in 1 minute 30.

Then her helicopter had a turn. Not surprisingly, he could just fly across the maze.

While she and her sister ran off to chase butterflies I did my own expansion of the maze. Whether you use chalk or paint, use a wet cloth and wipe away any changes you need to make.

I called her over and told her where the maze began and ended. Same rules as last time. This maze took her 18 minutes. There were several dead end paths. She really had to work to figure it out. Boy, was she PROUD of herself once she did! As she should be.

Feel free to use my maze or make your own. Just do them regularly. Make them as big as you can. Make them with couch cushions, tape, string or chalk. You will have one smart kiddo on your hands!

Did you have fun with your maze?? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Thanks for reading!

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